First things first.. this article is not about chocolate.. but something equally delicious!

This article is about Tuber melanosporum, or black Perigord truffles; probably best understood as an underground mushroom. In reality though, the black truffles (nicknamed black gold for their high market value) are a soil fungi that live at the base of hazelnut and oak trees, in a symbiotic relationship with the tree’s roots.

The Southern Forests region in Western Australia is the largest producer of black truffles in the southern hemisphere, due to the near-perfect growing conditions there. Chefs from more than 30 destinations around the world order their truffles from Manjimup and surrounds, including The French Laundry in Napa and Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck in England.

The truffières (pronounced troo-fee-airs, you’re welcome) in the Southern Forests region are some of the few in the world that allow guests the rare privilege of joining a truffle hunt during the winter months. From May to mid August, visitors to the region will follow the sweet and highly trained truffle dogs as they sniff their way through the orchards in search of the black truffle. Dogs have been chosen over truffle pigs (commonly used in Europe), as apparently they’re far gentler on the truffles. After all, one scratch can decrease the market value. The dogs use their acutely trained and highly sensitive noses to detect the location of ripe truffles, and can detect a truffle up to twenty metres away and up to 30 centimetres below the ground. Check out the Truffle and Wine Co in Manjimup for tour availability.

Truffles are said to act like a natural food enhancer, increasing the flavour of other foods. To truly find out what all the fuss is about, head along to the region’s festival; a weekend homage to the truffle. The Truffle Kerfuffle, held in Manjimup from 23 – 25 June, is a weekend-long celebration of truffle season in the heart of Australian truffle country. A hands-on and adventurous festival, visitors can join truffle hunters to search out prized truffles, eat and drink their way through the festival marketplace or get their truffle fix at exclusive dining events, workshops and sessions.

Our friends at the Truffle and Wine Co have kindly shared one of their favourite truffle recipes with you. Starchy foods are the ultimate carrier of the truffle flavour, and Gnocchi stirred through a Truffle Cream and White Wine Sauce is one of the finest ways to showcase fresh black truffles.